Celebrating 30 Years of Keeping Families Together: Interview With Long-Time Volunteer Patsy Amlin

Patsy Amlin has been volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House of Delaware for 21 years. She joined the House as a volunteer in January of 2000 and serves in a variety of roles, including greeting guests at our Front Desk and supporting Special Events.

What are some of the most meaningful experiences you have had during your time as a volunteer?

Patsy served as the chair for the Boutique Committee for the American Girl Fashion Show event for 14 years.

She also volunteers at our Annual Golf Event every year. She started out as our photographer- riding around in a golf cart with Ronald and taking pictures with the golfers. Now, Patsy assists the photographer and works in other capacities for the big event. As a golfer herself, Patsy loves volunteering for this event!

Patsy Amlin

Patsy serves as a front desk volunteer in addition to supporting Special Events.

Patsy Amlin

Patsy has been awarded many awards at our Volunteer Appreciation events.


What does it mean to you to be involved in your community in this way? What has inspired you to be involved for so long?

“I just truly enjoy working here and doing it for the families in need,” Patsy shares. She also treasures the relationships she has made over the years with fellow volunteers and staff, “Everyone is just so nice.”

Patsy also shares how special it is to interact with the repeat families who stay at the House. She loves feeling like she is helping out the community and families in need by volunteering.

Patsy Amlin

Patsy volunteering at the American Girl Fashion Show event in 2010.

Patsy and volunteers

Patsy and some co-volunteers at our 2018 Volunteer Appreciation Dinner.


Do you have a specific memory or story of your time with RMHDE that stands out?

Patsy has loved seeing the House grow and change over the last 20 years. She reminisces on the times when the House had a staff of less than five. It amazes her how much the House has grown!

She also remembers the House’s major expansion in 2005 when the House expanded to 50 guest rooms and added the commercial kitchen and dining room. “Before the expansion, we were turning so many families away. Sometimes we were able to help with hotels, but most of the time we weren’t. We desperately needed to grow to accommodate the families and that is exactly what we did.”

What have you learned through your experience at RMHDE?

“Listening is key when working with people. Often, in this stressful environment for families with seriously ill children, families need someone to lend an ear,” she shares. Patsy also notes that a smile goes a long way to make someone feel welcome.
Volunteers like Patsy make our House a “home-away-from-home.” We are so grateful for the thousands of volunteers who have given their time and love over the past 30 years.

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