Teen Volunteers

Our Teen Volunteer Program is open year-round to students ages 16+. Teens helping in this role are general volunteers who assist with simple household tasks like running and unloading dishwashers, preparing guestrooms, processing donations in our pantries, answering questions about the House and delivering extra amenities to our families.

Students between the ages of 12-15 may volunteer on-site, accompanied by an adult for Dinner Clean Up, Family Care Kits, or Baking (14+).

Teen Volunteer Requirements

  • 16 years+ and currently enrolled in high school
  • Minimum commitment of 3 months
  • 2 regularly scheduled shifts/month
  • Complete all training
    • Attend Teen Meet & Greet Meeting (1 Hour)
    • Attend Teen Zoom Orientation (2 Hours)
    • Attend 1st in-person training (1 ½ Hours)
    • Attend 2nd in-person training (3 Hours)

Please note: All training hours count toward overall volunteer hours.

Interested in becoming a Teen volunteer? Get started by filling out the form below. Someone will be in touch within 5-7 business days.